The Uccmarket ( website (referred to as the “Website”) or App utilizes cookies to provide users and traders with an improved and personalized service. When you access our sites or mobile app, we may store some information on your computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Cookies are small text files containing limited amounts of information that are sent to and stored on your computer, smartphone, or other device when you visit a website or app. On each subsequent visit or when you access another website that recognizes that specific cookie, it is sent back to the originating website or app. Cookies are valuable as they enable a website to identify and remember a user’s device.


Cookies are utilized on the Website and apps for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  1. Allowing users to log on to their Uccmarket account.
  2. Enabling users to set login preferences.
  3. Monitoring and collecting information about transactions made on the Website or app.
  4. Utilizing cookies for fraud prevention purposes and overall privacy protection.

Cookies are primarily employed to enhance and improve the user experience on the Website. Among the cookies we utilize, some are essential for the proper operation of the Website. These essential cookies play a crucial role in ensuring that the Website functions correctly and enables smooth navigation for users.


Details of how Uccmarket protects your privacy are set out in our Privacy Policy.

Uccmarket employs cookies on the Website, which fall into the following categories:

  1. Session Management: These essential cookies enable users to utilize the Website or app by managing session information, facilitating smooth navigation.
  2. Functionality: These cookies store user preferences, such as language, sort types, screen mode, and media settings. They enhance the user experience by preventing repetitive messages.
  3. Fraud Prevention: These cookies aid in preventing fraudulent use of the Website or app.
  4. Tracking: These cookies store information about how users arrived at the Website or app. This data is essential for appropriately compensating our Affiliates and Promoters.
  5. Analysis: These cookies recognize and count the number of users and track their movements on the Website or app. This information helps us improve the Website’s functionality, ensuring users find what they are looking for easily. It also enables us to deliver products, adverts, and information tailored to each user’s interests while monitoring their effectiveness.

Uccmarket may occasionally use carefully selected third-party tracking and analytical cookies to enhance the Website and services.

It is essential to remember that third-party websites linked on the Website have their own cookies and privacy policies. Before using any linked third-party website, it is advisable to review their cookies and privacy policies.


If you wish to delete existing cookies stored on your computer or disable cookies that track your browsing patterns on the Website, you can do so by adjusting your browser’s privacy settings. Please refer to your browser’s ‘help’ function for guidance on how to perform this action.

However, bear in mind that deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies may restrict access to certain areas or features of the Website. For instance, disabling ‘session’ cookies may prevent you from logging into your Uccmarket account.

Details of how Uccmarket protects your privacy are set out in our Privacy Policy.