Are you interested in promoting our services?

As an influencer, you have the opportunity to endorse our platform on your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Telegram group or Whatsapp Group allowing you to reach a broader audience.

With this bonus service, you, as a social media influencer, can earn income through commissions on our trading system by promoting your unique promo code. By encouraging your followers to register and trade on our platform using your promo code, you will earn a commission whenever they make a deposit into their trading accounts. The earned commissions are withdrawable without any additional deposit, and the bonuses can also be used for trading on the system.

When a user makes a deposit using your promo code, you earn a commission based on their deposit, and the user/trader also receives an equal bonus to the one you received.

This promotion offers two bonuses:

  • One for the promo code owner (you) and
  • Another for the promo code user (your follower)

Once the deposit is approved and credited to the depositor’s trading wallet.

Please note that new users/traders who have not made any previous deposits will not be able to use the promo code for their initial deposit. The promo code can only be applied after they make their initial deposit, and subsequent deposits can then utilize the promo code.

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For a more comprehensive understanding of how the promo code offer works, we recommend reading further details on charges, bonuses, and promotion in the terms and conditions page. This will provide you with in-depth information about the mechanics and specifics of the promo code promotion.

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